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1935 South Carolina Rural Electric Authority established in Columbia

1936 Passage of the National Rural Electrification Act

1938 First S.C. electric cooperative chartered, Aiken County Electric Cooperative Association

1941 The S.C. Electric Cooperatives, Inc., formed to construct transmission lines (forerunner to Central)

1942 South Carolina Public Service Authority began generating power

1948 Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., organized with 7 Members

1949 First REA loan of $7,595,500 approved for Central to construct transmission lines. 9 additional Members join Central.

1952 First energy sales from Central to Member cooperatives totaling 7,094,754 Kilowatt hours

1954 First 1000 miles of transmission lines completed

1964 Energy sales exceed 500,000,000 Kilowatt hours

1965 Dolphus M. Grainger steam generation plant, financed and constructed by Central, put on line at Conway

1969 Energy sales exceed 1,000,000,000 kilowatt hours

1973 First gas turbine unit for peaking purposes put on line at Hilton Head

1974 Fiber Industries connected by Pee Dee Electric Cooperative, the largest single load served by a Central member

1974 Berkeley Electric Cooperative becomes Member of Central.

1974 Energy sales exceed 2,000,000,000 Kilowatt hours.

1975 Central’s headquarters moved to Greystone Boulevard.

1979 Energy sales exceed 3,000,000,000 Kilowatt hours

1980 Power System Coordination and Integration Agreement reached between Central and South Carolina Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper)

1980 First 2,000 miles of transmission lines completed

1981 Installation of Load Management System begins

1982 Last year of Purchases under the F Wholesale Power Contract with Santee Cooper

1983 First year of purchases from Santee Cooper under the Coordination Agreement

1983 Load Management system begins operation

1988 Coordination Agreement changed to 12 CP billing and to allow for an Adjustment to Actual

1988 Energy sales exceed 5,000,000,000 kilowatt hours

1999 Saluda River Electric Cooperative becomes a Member of Central

2000 Energy sales exceed 10,000,000,000 kilowatt hours

2001 First direct sales made to Saluda River

2002 Revenues exceed $500,000,000

2007 All-time maximum demand for the combined system reaches 5,563 megawatts

2008 Central purchases the transmission assets of New Horizon. Five upstate cooperatives become full Members of Central

  • Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative
  • Broad River Electric Cooperative
  • Laurens Electric Cooperative
  • Little River Electric Cooperative
  • York Electric Cooperative

Saluda River Electric Cooperative becomes an ex-member of Central.

2009 Feb - All-time maximum demand for the Central system reaches 3,864 megawatts.

2010 Jan - All-time maximum demand for the Central system exceeds 4,100 Megawatts for the first time, energy sales to Members reached 16,880,752 MWHs A Purchase Power Agreement with Duke Energy Approved by All Parties. Contract starts in 2013 with 15% of the load served by Duke transmission system, increasing to 100% of the load served by the Duke transmission system by 2019 (over 1,000 MWs peak demand).

2011 Central creates KW Savings Co and begins a pilot program for on billing financing of energy efficiency improvements. Ultimately, 125 homes undergo $960,672 in energy efficiency improvements. These improvements reduced the average energy consumption by 11,191 kWh’s annually and created net savings on average members’ power bills of $402 annually.

2012 Central purchases 6 - 3 MW diesel generators from Santee Cooper as part of the Duke PPA and transfer of load from Santee Cooper to Duke. Central provides Management service to New Horizon Electric Cooperative under a newly signed contract with New Horizon. A 5 year power supply contract with Santee Cooper, for the three delivery point served by SCE&G transmission was executed to start March 2013.

2013 Central purchases power from Duke for the first time. Approximately 150 MW peak load was moved from the Santee Cooper control area to the Duke control area. Central becomes responsible for metering, transmission and generator O&M in the upstate for the 1st time.

The Central / Member wholesale power supply contract was extended through 2058.

New Central / Member rates schedules were adopted to take effect January 1, 2014. The rate making methodology adopted for use in the new rate schedules was changed for the first time since 1988.

The Coordination Agreement (CA) between Central and Santee Cooper was renegotiated with both parties agreeing not to give 10 year notice of termination prior to 2048 (contract would terminate in 2058). Central obtained the right to “opt” out of new generating facilities proposed by Santee Cooper. This was the first change to the CA since 1988.

2016 – Central completed the construction of a new headquarters in Columbia.

The first small scale community solar projects came on-line at Laurens & York on August 31, 2016.

2017 –  Central named a Top 50 Best Places to Work in South Carolina.

2018 – All-time peak for Central occurred in the hour ending 8:00 AM on January 5th officially reaching 4,549 megawatts.


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