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Help My House

The Help My House (HMH) Loan Pilot Program began as a test of energy efficiency as both a consumer product and a cost-effective replacement for investment in new generation by electric utilities. The pilot program was designed to finance "whole house" efficiency upgrades through 10 year, 2.5% interest loans, and to examine the impact on individual members, participating cooperatives, and wholesale power purchasing. The program began in 2011 where HMH analyzed the financial impacts on the electric systems in 125 weatherization homes.

Help My House Brochure – June 2013 (PDF)

Help My House Final Summary Report – June 2013 (PDF)



R2E2 are a combination of documents and reports generated by Central in an effort to understand the energy efficiency potential in our state and the renewable energy resources. The analysis sought out to quantify the renewable energy resource potential that can be used for electric generation within South Carolina and to calculate the associated costs. Whereas the energy efficiency potential study was designed to estimate the technical and achievable potential for electric energy savings from energy efficiency in the CEPCI Service Territory.

Analysis of Renewable Energy Potential in South Carolina – September 2007 (PDF)

Electric Energy Efficiency Potential Study – September 2007 (PDF)


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